Nintendo: if you like puzzle games, you’ll love sports games

I think Nintendo of Europe’s marketing has taken a tumble recently. First there were those ridiculous adverts with Jedward; now they’re making wild accusations as to which games we would “love”.

According to the display boxes of Mario Vs Donkey Kong on DS, if you like the hybrid of puzzle and platforming action it contains, you’ll also love Mario Sports Mix on Wii.

It’s a bit of a stupid claim to make: they’re not even of the same genre, let alone on the same console. The only connection is that they both feature a certain plumber.

It’s a bit like EA putting “If you like Dead Space 2, you’ll love Tiger Woods” on copies of their space-based shooter.

One good thing came out of this though – after uploading the photo above onto Twitter our loyal followers came up with their own ‘if you like X you’ll love Y’ jokes. Here are a few of the best:

If you love Halo Wars you’ll love Halo Reach.@sporkhead
Translation: “If you like this, you’ll like any old shit we tell you to.”@ProcJake
If you love Burning Rangers, you’ll love being a vet.@Stu_Dee_Jay
if you like filthy sluts, you’ll love nuns.@RyanLangham
oh for fuck sake, thats enough@ibbsters

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