Boy uses mum’s credit card online; Microsoft becomes the Devil

The witch hunters at the Daily Mail have caught wind of how an 11 year old boy rang up over £1,000 on his mother’s credit card by purchasing items from Xbox Live.

Eighteen months ago she inputted the credit card details onto Xbox Live so her son could play online, but because the details were saved onto the Xbox he then used her card to download extras.

“The bank and Microsoft are blaming each other and no one is helping me,” says the mother.

I’m not surprised nobody is willing to help – if I spent £1,000 on Xbox Live I’d be forced to pay for it too. The mother feels angry because it’s “too easy” for a child to buy the items online.

Clearly Microsoft’s parental controls do not exist.

But here are things I find confusing: what bank only sends out credit card bills every 18 months? Isn’t it the card holder’s responsibility to check their charges? And how could the son not realise that charges were being made? Mircosoft Points have to be added to the account first during which the card holder’s details are displayed clearly. Could he not read his mother’s name? Could he not see that the monetary value – shown in pounds and pence – of the Microsoft Points?

Incidentally, the child is not being punished.

I’d like to the see the age ratings on some of the games he has been playing, as from my experience it’s mostly adult-orientated games that have DLC.

Just think – if she’d popped down to GAME and brought a subscription card none of this would have ever happened.

Matt Gander

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  • The bank and Microsoft shouldn’t be blaming each other, just as she shouldn’t. The only one to blame is her for not bothering to be a responsible parent and swith on the parental controls and setup the gamertag herself which would have automatically blocked him from buying anything as it would (should) have been a childs account and not an adults one !

  • Anyone able to make out his gamertag in the picture on the Dailymail cause it looks like he as 10’s of thousands of achievement points on it then we can see what games he’s played ?

  • If he has been playing 18 rated games then I think that proves the mother is just plain irresponcible.

  • Sounds like the mom is just a lazy parent and doesn’t pay attention to what her kid is doing online. If she is letting him play mature games then thats even worse. And the fact the Xbox HAS parental controls that are easily accessible to her and she is NOT using them makes her stupid. Maybe she will learn something from this. If I were Microsoft/The Bank I wouldn’t do squat either…

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