Another reason to hate eBay

Yet again I’m having a love/hate relationship with eBay. On Thursday I sold a Sega GameGear game; the (French) buyer had zero feedback, but I wasn’t too concerned over this. We all had zero feedback at one stage, right?

Two days later I received an e-mail entirely in French, telling me that the buyer was no longer registered on eBay and I should consider the transaction cancelled. This is annoying for sure, although it was partly expected, but the thing that rattled me is that I was told this in a foreign language. Sacrebleu!

I’ve got enough brain cells to be able to cut and paste text and run it through an online translator, but imagine that wasn’t the case? I’d be left scratching my head, or worse still, waiting for the chap to pay.

You wouldn’t expect British Gas or similar to phone you up and start talking to you in French about your account, so why eBay are allowed to do it is beyond me.

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