Four million simian sims sold so far

Nintendo has revealed that Donkey Kong Country Returns has managed to shift over 4 million copies worldwide since being released on 3rd December while 1.5 million copies Art Academy on DS have been sold so far. I expect that’s more than what Mario Paint on the SNES ever managed to sell.

The two aforementioned now join the likes of Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros. in Nintendo’s impressive lifetime sales charts. Below are lists of Nintendo titles that sold at least 1 million between April to December 2010:

Top-selling Wii games
– Mario Kart Wii – 26,500,000 units
– Wii Sports Resort – 26,350,000 units
– New Super Mario Bros Wii – 21,280,000 units
– Wii Fit Plus – 17,740,000 units
– Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 6,150,000 units
– Wii Party – 5,070,000 units
– Donkey Kong Country Returns – 4,210,000 units
– Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition – 1,950,000 units
– Kirby’s Epic Yarn – 1,380,000 units

Top-selling DS games
– New Super Mario Bros DS – 26,210,000 units
– Mario Kart DS – 20,700,000 units
– Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver – 11,720,00 units
– Pokémon Black and White – 5,320,000 units
– Art Academy – 1,520,000 units
– Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem – 1,152,000 units

The popularity behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn – which is still yet to be released in the UK – explains as to why a new Kirby game was announced last week. Apparently it bares a striking resemblance to a canned GameCube Kirby game.

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