Space Jam

There are three cheery and colourful games out this week and one violent and grizzly. Well, you could count the Yogi Bear movie tie-in as a grizzly game I suppose. Arf!

That violent game in question is Dead Space 2, which has set lots of tongues waggling…and all for good reasons – it improves on the pretty good original in every way, shape and form. In the last few weeks EA has been promoting it with a ‘Your Mom Hates This’ campaign. You can see some of their reactions here.

Mario Sports Mix on Wii doesn’t appear to be as good previous Mario sport games. Just four sports feature – basketball, hockey, volleyball and dodgeball – and according to NGamer trying to unlock the extra characters (which include some faces from Final Fantasy) is a tedious slog as you have to win a ridiculous 50 games of each sport. Reviews have been mostly been 6s and 7s, so maybe try before you buy.

This leaves us with Alpha and Omega…a very belated movie tie-in featuring CGI wolves. The film was released in October suggesting that either something awful happened during development – such as the lead programmer being attacked by an angry wolf while working late one night – or the publisher didn’t buy the license until the last second in order to get it at a super cheap price. Draw your own conclusions.

Next week: Two Worlds II, Nail’d, Lord of Arcana, Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem, Brunswick Pro Bowling, Zumba Fitness and Dance Juniors on Wii.

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