The sackboys are back in town

If there’s one game that has been making reviewers smile recently it’s LittleBigPlanet 2. This time round you’re not limited to just making levels to explore but full arcade-like games. All well and good, but there’s a chance Sony might yank your creations if they’re too close to the arcade originals – somebody made a clone of Mario Bros. for the first LBP and it was pulled very swiftly. Don’t let that stop you from buying it though.

A game which certainly didn’t make IGN smile is Square-Enix’s Mindjack, which was given a lowly 4/10. To quote: “The story makes little sense, the dialogue is awful, the menus are ugly, (and) you can’t pause the game”. Nice one. Check out the US boxart compared to European boxart. Maybe Square-Enix thought us Europeans are still massively into Avatar?

You can colour me surprised about the review scores for Disney Tangled – the Wii version currently has an average of 74%, which isn’t bad at all for a movie tie-in. There’s also something called 4 Elements out on DS this week which appears to be another Zoo Keeper / Bejeweled style puzzler. I think that’s enough of these now, thanks.

Finally, Mass Effect 2 hits PlayStation 3 one year after appearing on Xbox 360. It’s a ruddy brilliant game – one of the best this generation – although Eurogamer points out that the Xbox 360 version is still the best.

Next week: Dead Space 2, Yogi Bear and Alpha and Omega.

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