Pants go on the outside

The first games of 2011 are here and they’re something of an odd bunch. Capcom’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on DS is the highlight thanks to a string of strong review scores. The cheapest price seems to be £23.47 on Amazon unless anybody knows different.

There’s also Kingdom Hearts Re:coded on DS, which is an upgraded version of a mobile phone game. Going by Metacritic’s scores it’s the worst Kingdom Hearts game yet with a 66% average. “Despite the new gameplay types, Re:coded’s mostly recycled content feels too stale to recommend to anyone outside of the most diehard fans,” said GameInformer.

Sony’s DC Universe Online has been in development for years so it’s a little bizarre that it has been released without any real fanfare and that there isn’t a single review online yet. As such I’m guessing that it’s more Aquaman than Superman.

Lastly there’s Family Quiz on Wii. I think the boxart tells us everything we need to know about this one.

Next week: LittleBigPlanet 2, Mass Effect 2, Mindjack, Disney Tangled, Adventures To Go and something called 4 Elements on DS.

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