(Ch)art attack

It would seem that more than a few gamers ate too much over the festive period. Just Dance 2 is up from #4 to #2, Wii Fit Plus has risen from #13 to #5 while EA Sports Active 2 has entered at #13. Kinect Sport is also still in the top 10, although it has dropped four places since last week.

Nintendo must be running the Art Academy TV adverts again as that’s back at #11. Mass Effect 2 has made a re-entry too at #18 thanks to being cut to £4.99 at various online retailers last week. The PlayStation 3 version will be full price when it arrives at the end of the month, although it does have a load of bonus missions to play through.

There isn’t much going on in the single format charts, although I am surprised to see Touchmaster 4: Connect at a respectable #7 in the DS chart. Touchmaster is one of the franchises Warner Bros. nabbed off Midway when they went bust, so I’m sure they’re glad that their acquisition is paying off.