2010: The pirate’s choice

I saw a brand new copy of Red Steel 2 for £4.99 the other day. I know that it didn’t gain as much interest as the first game did but to see it fall to such a low price was a surprise. Turns out though that there were plenty of people interested in it. 850,000 of them, to be precise.

That’s the amount of people who downloaded and made an illegal copy of the game according to IGN. Worryingly it’s not the most pirated Wii game of the year either.

Behold the figures for games naughtily downloaded in 2010:

Top 5 illegal Wii downloads:
1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (1,470,000)
2. Wii Party (1,220,000)
3. Donkey Kong Country Returns (920,000)
4. Kirbys Epic Yarn (880,000)
5. Red Steel 2 (850,000)

Top 5 illegal Xbox 360 downloads:
1. Dante’s Inferno (1,280,000)
2. Alan Wake (1,140,000)
3. Red Dead Redemption (1,060,000)
4. Halo Reach (990,000)
5. Call of Duty: Black Ops (930,000)

Top 5 illegal PC downloads:
1. Call of Duty: Black Ops (4,270,000)
2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (3,960,000)
3. Mafia 2 (3,550,000)
4. Mass Effect 2 (3,240,000)
5. Starcraft II (3,120,000)

According to other websites, the PC version of Black Ops has been downloaded more times than copies sold in stores. You also have to wonder that if the 850,000 people who downloaded Red Steel 2 brought a copy, would have Ubisoft commissioned a Red Steel 3? If actual copies sold were combined with those downloaded the total would be over a million – the magic number that publishers aim for in respect of Wii game sales.

It’s also surprising to see Dante’s Inferno over both Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops in the Xbox 360 listings. Truly a game for the sinners out there.

Matt Gander

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