Legs eleven

UK Charts

This week’s chart is the first since Christmas. This means that a lot of new console owners have been contributing to game sales over the last seven days, and also those who have been out looking for bargains in the sales.

There’s a change over on the top of the chart for starters – FIFA 11 is back on top pushing Call of Duty: Black Ops to #2. Kinect Sports is up from #8 to #6, Fallout: New Vegas rises from #11 to #9 and Dance Central boogies on up from #19 to #10. It’s encouraging to see two Kinect titles in the top 20 for a second week running.

As for possible January sale-related risers, Fable III is up from #32 to #15, Halo: Reach shoots to #37 to #22 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II forces its way up from #36 to #21.

There are seven re-entries as well including Dead Rising 2 at #31 and Kinectimals at #36. Spare a thought for poor old Epic Mickey though – I thought it might be in the top 20 this week thanks to being cut to under £20 at some stores but the mouse has now left the house (chart) completely.

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