It’s on like Tron

UK Charts

In the Christmas chart every game in the top 10 was a sequel or part of a franchise. Had this week’s chart been the Christmas chart though then that wouldn’t have been the case thanks to Kinect Sports sliding up #15 to #8 and Michael Jackson: The Experience jiving from #12 to #10. The top 5 is unchanged though, meaning Call of Duty: Black Ops is still #1.

Epic Mickey has been slowly creeping up the chart – it was at #36 last week but it’s now at #26. With the price cut in the sales to around the £25 mark it may even reach the top 20 next week. Monopoly Streets enters at #28 thanks to the some TV advertising while the apparently quite poor Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time teleports in at #29.

In the single formats Tron: Evolution is in at #24 in the PlayStation 3 chart and #34 in the Xbox 360 chart while THQ’s Megamind makes an appearance in the lower half of both the Wii and DS charts.

Matt Gander

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