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This Week’s Games

Even though Christmas is a couple of weeks away today sees the last big release of the year – DS RPG Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. NGamer gave it 92% and some of our followers on Twitter who imported the US version say it’s very good indeed. You may remember the Golden Sun series from the days of the GameBoy Advance.

The name Sniper Elite may also ring a bell with you – it was a game released on Xbox and PlayStation 2 eons ago. It’s now out on Wii. Reviews were solid when it was originally released and it’s probably worth a look seeing that ‘mature’ titles on Wii are few and far between.

Dodge Racing: Charger vs. Challenger is out on Wii this week as well but it looks a bit iffy. Going by the screenshots on IGN you can count the polygons it pushes on one hand.

Mindscape rounds the week off with TV tie-in House M.D on DS. It sounds a bit like Trauma Team/Center according to the blurb: “Your job is to diagnose unknown illnesses by interviewing and examining patients, analyzing lab tests and even performing surgery!” I doubt it’s even half as good as Atlus’ surgical sims though.

Next week: The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes on Wii, and then that’s your lot for the year.

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