You can’t get blood from a stone

UK Charts

GoldenEye 007 hasn’t managed to make it into the top 10 chart this week, but don’t feel down because 007: Blood Stone hasn’t made the cut either. Instead they’re at #13 and #17 respectively. I think Activision themselves are partly to blame – what were they thinking launching them both just 4 days before the biggest game of the year? 007: Blood Stone hasn’t had much publicity either, while reviews for GoldenEye 007 were held back until the last minute even though it’s a very fine game.

But I digress – there’s a new #1 in the form of Football Manager 2011. FIFA 11 is at #2, Fable III at #3, Just Dance 2 at #4 and up three positions is Professor Layton and the Lost Future at #5. The X-Factor game is doing a little better than last week – it was at #37 but it’s now at #22. It’s also swings and roundabouts for Enslaved and Castlevania – Enslaved has risen from #34 to #30 while Castlevania has dropped from #18 to #40.

Blur has made a re-entry at #36 presumably as it has been reduced to due to £12.99 at Blockbuster and £12 at Tesco.

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