Bleszinski: I’ll make a gay videogame character

Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski – the self-proclaimed ‘Tony Stark of videogames’ – was answering fan’s questions on Twitter last night. Some of the answers were food for thought, and not because he revealed that his favourite ice cream is “praline and dick”.

When asked what old game property would he like to see make a comeback he responded with the 1994 FPS System Shock. Good choice! He also wishes he could have attached his name to Sega’s Bayonetta, and claimed that someday he would make a gay videogame character. I doubt very much that this is why Gears of War 3 was delayed.

Finally, somebody asked what the hardest game he ever played was. His reply? Athena on the NES.

Matt Gander

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  • Like Tony Stark, except for not charming or handsome in any way.

    So I guess he means he’s like Tony Stark in that he has a lot of money and drives a nice car to make up for his insecurities.

  • I like Cliff. I remember the first time I saw him standing in front of some UT3 items with long hair and cammies in a B-boy stance.

    Just because someone is comfortable with gay people does not mean there gay nor does it meen that they have to become gay…

    Cant straight guys that are cool just be that and respected for respecting.

  • I see that a fair few forums and gaming sites have linked to this news story, and in pretty much all of them the topic of discussion has gone from Cliff wanting to design a gay videogame character to Cliff being gay himself.

    It’s like somebody has got the wrong end of the stick somewhere. Or jump to a conclusion.

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