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WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

I don’t feel embarrassed to say that there was a time I used to enjoy playing wresting games. This isn’t because I was only as old as my shoe size back then (14) but because they were good fun. There was WWF WrestleFest in the arcade, which had huge crowd drawing colorful visuals and a four player mode, and then later WWF Wrestlemania by Midway with large digitized sprites and Mortal Kombat style special moves. WWF Superstars on the original GameBoy was probably the best brawer for the system too until the belated conversion of Street Fighter II turned up. It’s WWF: Royal Rumble on Mega Drive though that I have the fondest memories off, as I used to play it loads with a friend. We’d play Royal Rumble mode cooperatively, and also giggle like the immature schoolboys that we were over the ability to smack the referee in the chops.

Thanks to a brain full of nostalgia, it was the Royal Rumble mode that got my attention first. It’s a 30 man affair where 12 players can partake – if you get thrown out early then chances are you’ll get to ‘respawn’ as a randomly chosen character. It can take a while to get into a game (due to hosts leaving the lobby, people not choosing characters straight away, etc) but matches can last around 20 minutes and they’re pretty engaging. Once you have the opposition against the ropes a button bashing mini-game occurs which can be particularly challenging if there are two people trying to throw you out at once. Survive though, and you’ll get awarded extra experience points. Spectating isn’t as thrilling but the developers have at least been thoughtful enough to let you bet on who’ll be thrown out next.

Another thing that makes Royal Rumble mode one of the highlights is because custom made characters can be used, so it’s a good chance for people to show off the weird and wonderful wrestlers they’ve created. I used my effigy of Kratos from God of War, although after designing him I released that I shouldn’t have bothered. With his pasty white skin and ginger beard, WWE legend Shamus bares more than a resemblance to Kratos anyway. You can also design posters for people to hold up in the crowd via a basic art package.

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NHL 11

Whereas the FIFA and Madden games have improved massively over the past three years or so, the NHL games have always been pretty good. So much so, that it’s evident just by looking at the back of the box that the developers...
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Game Dev Story

I just lost a couple of days to an iPhone game. A very meta one at that. A game in which I made games. Ninja action games, pirate RPGs, and Japanese cosplay date rape simulators, among other things. A game about making...
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Honour for Honor

UK Charts Were a few rather critical reviews ever going to harm Medal of Honor? Of course not – even though it has been a few years since the last MoH it’s still a franchise that’s popular. As such, it enters at...
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Madden NFL 11

The “everything you see on a Sunday” blurb on the back of the box does not relate to the Eastenders Omnibus or a nice roast dinner with Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings that most of the British population are accustomed to seeing on...
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