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This Week’s Games

There probably have been other games this generation that have been delayed more times than Dead Rising 2 has been, but right now I can’t think of any. General opinion seems to be that it’s better than the original, although rather similar. There’s a special edition pack which includes a pen shaped like a syringe, available from Amazon for £38.91, while Game has an exclusive ‘outbreak edition’ with a figure for £59.99

Only the PSP and Wii received official Formula 1 games last year but this year PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners will be able to see what Codemasters have done with the license. Codemasters know their racing games inside out, so there’s little reason to doubt that Formula 1 2010 will be be any less than brilliant.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Trackmania on Wii are both worth a look too – Batman is a 2D brawler with some nice looking animation while Trackmania has been pleasing PC owners for years. They’re both available on DS from today as well.

There’s currently only one review of Quantum Theory on GameRankings but unfortunately for Tecmo Koei it isn’t a good one – the Official Xbox Magazine rated it 3/10. There’s a demo on the Xbox Marketplace so you can make your own mind up. Speaking of reviews, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is out this week but hasn’t been reviewed by a soul yet. Early previews were positive though, and Guitar Hero die-hards will probably buy it even if it is smellier than an unwashed groupie.

This leaves us with Ace Combat: Joint Assault on PSP – which has been getting plenty of 7/10s – Club Penguin: Game Day and Real Heroes: Firefighter on Wii and the Nintendo-published Face Training: Facial Exercises on DS. Curiously, Club Penguin: Game Day has been developed by Artoon, of Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation, Blue Dragon and Blinx fame.

Next week: FIFA 2011, Despicable Me, History Great Battles: Medieval and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Predator on PSP.

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