Tetris – more popular than Spider-Man

UK Charts

This week’s chart is a sight for sore eyes with lots of interesting things happening. Tom Clancy’s HAWK 2 has gone from #10 to #2, Tetris Party Deluxe has risen all the way from #23 to #5 and the apparently quite good Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions has crawled in at #6. Spidey is followed by another two new entries – Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep at #7 and Ubisoft’s RUSE at #8.

I’m surprised by the last two – the PSP has had a rough few months, so it’s good to see a PSP-exclusive in the top 10. I was also under the impression that RUSE hadn’t received much publicity and that console RTSs aren’t that popular, so that’s me proved wrong on two accounts.

It has been a very bad week for Metroid: Other M though – it’s dropped all the way from #12 to #40. Unless retailers drop the price it may even be out of the chart by next week.

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