2K’s delays

When a game is delayed all the while it’s being developed the publisher has to stump up the cash for the extra man hours. Sure, the end product may be a little better but it’s at a huge cost.

Mafia II is a solid example with a six year development under it belt. Even though it went straight to #1, analyst Michael Pachte reckons that it will fail to make profit because of the amount of cash 2K had to pump into it.

If this were a one-off it wouldn’t be so bad for the company seeing that Red Dead Redemption is selling so well, but Max Payne 3 and LA Noire are also coming up to having five years in development. Max Payne is a big franchise and it may be able to make a profit, but LA Noire? I think that one is going to be of niche appeal, like Heavy Rain before it.

At least 2K will have always GTA V to fall back on..

Matt Gander

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