Stop buying Sniper: Ghost Warrior

UK Charts

It has been six years since the last Mafia – which was first released on PC, before being converted to PlayStation 2 and Xbox – but a lengthy wait and mediocre reviews haven’t harmed the franchise. Mafia II has gone straight to #1, pushing Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days – which has already been cut to £17.99 at some online stores – to #2.

A price cut of Wii hardware has helped Wii Sports Resort re-enter the top 10 – it was at #16 but now it’s at #5. Sniper: Ghost Warrior – which is ruddy rubbish, people – is also back in the top 10 rising from #13 to #9. Just because it features a bloke with a gun on the front cover doesn’t mean it’s any good.

In the Wii chart Grease: The Official Video Game enters at #7, while Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids: Party Collection jives in at #15. Jive Bunny!

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