Mafia boredom simulator II

This Week’s Games

This week’s biggest release is frequently delayed Mafia II. General opinion seems to be that it looks really nice but the missions are dull – they’re same old guff we’ve seen before. Reviews so far include a 4/10 from Eurogamer and a 6/10 from EDGE. Did 2k Czech learn nothing from EA’s The Godfather II?

Continuing with the 50s theme this week is 505 Games’ Grease for Wii and DS. I’m willing to bet that it’s stinking awful. Thank goodness for Sega’s Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns Arcade – also out on Wii this week – to reassure us that not all Wii games nowadays are for fatties and 10 year old girls. Is it good? A “B” review score from 1UP would suggest so.

Also out on Wii and DS:  Konami’s Gormiti, based on those little plastic toys, and Pirates: Adventures of the Black Corsair. I can’t find any review for either but did come across some very blurry looking screenshots for Pirates. Probably best to wait for Sid Meier’s scurvy sim.

A trio of games from Ubisoft round this week off – Rayman Rabbids Trilogy and My Fitness Coach: Dance Workout on Wii and Imagine Dream Resort on DS. Three Rabbids for the price of one? Sold!

Next week: Metroid: Other M, Hawx 2, Puzzle Quest II, WordJong, Valkyria Chronicles II and Tetris Party Deluxe.

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  • Great episode! And Mad World raelly was a kickass game! It’s too bad tho it was meant for hardcore wii gamers and didn’t do too well. Waay too much fun with all the blood and what-not. I was thinking about the Showdown segment and I’d love to go head-to-head-to-head against Michael and Andrea in Guitar Hero 3 or World Tour. Since Andrea hasn’t won the last two times and this time Michael had an advatage maybe a game Andrea rocks at might be fun to watch! I’m on Twitter at PforPoncho

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