Madden NFL 11 touches down

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I’ve been looking at the review scores for Madden NFL 11 – released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this week – and have noticed a pattern. Madden 09 received an average review score of 85%, Madden 10 got an average of 86% and so far Madden NFL 11 clocks in with 87%. If this pattern continues, in 13 years time we’ll have a 100% perfect Madden game. Result!

MCV, who are usually pretty reliable, say that Family Gameshow is out on Wii this week too. However, I just looked on Amazon and they say that it has been out since November 2009. There are even a few pre-owned copies for sale. MCV list Funbox Media as down as the publisher, but the version on Amazon has Zushi, who went bust earlier this year, as the publisher…so it’s all a little confusing. Two games called Family Gameshow, perhaps?

Freddie Flintoff’s Power Play Cricket on DS looks like being the only other game to hit stores. It’s £17.99 on Play if cricket is your thing.

Next week: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Adventures To Go, We Sing Encore, Demon’s Souls and Thomas and Friends: Hero of the Rails. Choo choo!

Matt Gander

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