You can’t make me wear stupid glasses

3D. It’s stupid, isn’t it? The glasses certainly are. God bless Nintendo for being sensible with the 3DS – no glasses there!

But some people are really keen on 3D. Mentally keen. Ubisoft are among that number, it seems, from what Murray Pannel has been telling Eurogamer.

“I wouldn’t rule out the fact that this [3D TV] will be installed in everyone’s living room in three year’s time.”

It won’t be. 3D might take off and maintain popularity at the cinema, but most people aren’t going to wear glasses to watch the telly or play games. Don’t be silly. Plus the general public has only just been convinced to buy HDTVs.

That’s not his finest quote though:

“We were the first publisher to create a proper 3D game with Avatar last year. Ahead of its time in many ways because the technology was in its infancy and you couldn’t buy 3D TVs at all.”

That’s not ahead of its time: it’s insane.

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