Avian handheld action

While browsing a gaming forum the other day I came across somebody selling something called a Mega Duck. My initial thought was that they were meant to type ‘Mega Drive’ but I was mistaken – a quick search on Google revealed that, yes indeed, a handheld called the Mega Duck exists. It some parts of the world it was also known as the Cougar Boy. And there was me thinking that the WonderSwan had a bizarre name.

Released in 1993, it had much common with the original GameBoy. One major difference though is that the D-pad was made up of four separate buttons. You could also plug in an external joystick so that two people could play using one machine. Wikipedia claims that it could run for 15 hours on four AA batteries.

Whether you’d actually want to play on it for 15 hours is another matter entirely – the games for it, which were mostly developed by Thin Chen Enterprise, have very “interesting” names to say the least. Captain Knick Knack, Snake Roy, Worm Visitor, Trouble Zone, Puppet Knight and Pile Wonder are just a few of the games released for it.

I think I might have to make Captain Knick Knack my username for whatever forum I happen to join next…

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