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This Week’s Games

It speaks volumes when the most interesting of this week’s releases is Sega’s Wii-exclusive one-on-one brawler Tournament of Legends. This was once known as Gladiator and is from the guys behind The Conduit. The graphics look a cut above most Wii games but this video brings back disturbing memories of War Gods on the N64.

Is it time for EA’s yearly sports updates already? Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 is the first out of the gate and appears to be as good as the previous Tiger Woods games. NGamer rather liked the Wii version, dishing out a healthy 86%.

Dragon Ball Z: Origins 2 is the only DS release this week while Sniper: Ghost Warrior is the only offering for Xbox 360 owners. There’s no reviews in for Sniper: Ghost Warrior yet, and the fact that HMV were initially letting people pre-order it for £17.99 sets my alarm bells ringing.

Next week: Crackdown 2, PokePark Wii, Pro Cycling Tour Manager: Tour De France 2010 and the blatantly CoD-inspired Marines: Modern Urban Combat.

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