Monthly Archives: July 2010

Finely crafted

This Week’s Games Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has been getting fans of the series all emotional – one chap in Singapore who waited in line for 24 hours allegedly burst into tears upon being handed his copy. Reviews suggest it has...
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Zombies are special

When was Dead Rising 2 originally due to be released? I pre-ordered my copy a good six months ago and recall it knocking around on release lists months before that. It can’t be too far off from being finished now, as Capcom...
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Up the crack

UK Charts Crackdown 2 has become Microsoft’s first all formats #1 of 2010. The last one only managed to get to #2, so all those sales of pre-owned copies haven’t been in vein. LEGO Harry Potter drops to #2, followed by Red...
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