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This Week’s Games

What a funny old week this one is. The biggest new game out, a term which I’m using loosely, is motorbike sim SBK X on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Blackbean have been knocking these out on a yearly basis so they should be pretty good at it by now.

On DS there’s the adventure game Rooms: The Main Building, published by Nintendo themselves. The Official Nintendo Magazine said it’s fun but limited. Then there’s something called Dark Star One: Broken Alliance on Xbox 360, which if the Amazon product page is to go by, bares more than a resemblance to Mass Effect.

Also, and to assist the failing PSP, Sony has decided to re-release 20 PSP titles at a cheaper price under a new PSP Essentials brand. The first wave is out this week, all of which are Sony’s own offerings like Patapon 2, LocoRoco and Wipeout Pulse. The next wave appears to be third-party titles such as Harry Potter, Naruto, Ben 10 and The Sims 2. You can read more about them here

Next week: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Beat City, Green Day: Rock Band, Nancy Drew: The Model Mysteries, Naval Assault: The Killing Tide and Great Party Games.

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