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UK Charts

Even though reportedly out of stock, Red Dead Redemption manages to stick to the top of the chart. Bloody brawler UFC: Undisputed 2010 enters the ring, sorry, chart at #2 with 2010 FIFA World Cup at #3 followed by Just Dance and Wii Fit Plus.

Actvision’s Blur and Sega’s super spy sim Alpha Protocol miss out on top 10 positions – Blur is in at #14 and Alpha Protocol at #13. I am surprised with Alpha Protocol – I knew it would get into the chart, but not this high. Reviews are now starting to appear, with the average score being 68% so I reckon #13 could be as high as it goes. Still, that’s not bad.

Belated movie tie-in Clash of The Titans – which Eurogamer dished out a 3/10 for – is the final new entry of the week, at a very limp #37 placing. Iron Man 2 is only one position away from it at #36. Leaving so soon, Mr. Stark?

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  • Apparently, Game and GameStation didn’t get a very big shipment of Blur, hence why it “only” went it at #14.

    They issued a statement today saying that they hadn’t fallen out with Activision, so it’s a bit odd.

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