iPed? Somebody call the Fed

Tech savvy Englishmen (and women) were able to get their mitt on the iPad yesterday. Over it China, however, it was the launch of the iPed that was making the news.

A totally unofficial replica of the iPad, it even houses an Intel processor and run on Google’s open source operating system Android. Even more cheeky is the fact that it’s being made in the same region of China that the iPod and iPad are made. I would be willing to bet that they’re knocking out in the same factory, using identical parts, which is/was the case for the counterfeit PSP systems.

Now here’s the really unbelievable part – the iPed only costs Â¥9,600 ($105 / £65). In Japan, the iPad is priced at Â¥48,800 ($536 / £348) – about five times more.

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