eBay sucks! Also: eBay is great!

And so my love/hate relationship with eBay continues. Since February this year I’ve had two items go “missing” in the post, one seller who took my money and run and four non-payers. Seriously, what part of “Commit to Buy” do people struggle to understand?

eBay never used to be this bad – I’ve been a member since 2001 and in the early days, back when most sellers paid with cheques, nearly every transaction was a smooth one.

But it’s not all bad – picking up the odd bargain, such 16 Sega GameGear games for 99p, is great. Also, what you can find for £1 on ‘Buy it Now’ auctions is actually quite unbelievable – 48 hour Xbox Live codes, DLC codes for maps, armour, cars, etc for various games, joypad decals, LED kits to change the colour of a console’s lights, crosshair stickers to stick on your TV and people offering to boost GamerScores by sending them your Xbox Gamertag and password. I think that’s technically cheating, but whatever floats your boat.

There’s even a few games, but mostly all football related. Still, handy if you ever need a spare case….

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