How do you do, Ken?

UK Charts

Not only do we have a new #1 this week but a new #2 too. 2010 FIFA World Cup heads to the top of the top 40 chart, followed by Super Street Fighter IV at #2. God of War Collection makes its first chart appearance at #10. Monster Hunter Tri has fallen out of the top 10 already going from #5 to #12. Quick, Nintendo – put some more adverts on the TV.

Iron Man 2 at #20 is the next highest new entry. I was surprised to see that the supermarkets are selling it for £25 already. In fact, the DS version was only £15 at Tesco.

Avatar is on the rise up from #20 to #13. Believe it or not, it has been considered a flop even though it has been in the chart since being released late last year. Also, Mirror’s Edge is back at #25, presumably because Game were selling it for £3 delivered last week.

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