What’s that coming over the hill?

UK Charts

Yes, it’s a monster – Capcom’s Monster Hunter Tri has entered the chart at a respectable #5. This is very good news indeed considering that the future of western releases for the series pretty much depended on Tri’s success. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction is still #1 and Just Dance remains at #2.

Dead to Rights: Retribution is the only new entry at #22. Band Hero is on the rise due to stores flogging it off cheapy – it’s up from #29 to #14 – while as predicted last week Ubisoft’s Avatar game is back on the rise up from #26 to #20.

Square-Enix genre mixing Nier misses out on a top 40 showing but goes in at #18 in the PlayStation 3 chart and #17 in the Xbox 360 chart.

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