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This Week’s Games

PlayStation 3 owners finally get to play former Xbox 360-exclusives The Ballad Of Gay Tony and The Lost And Damned, via the less-than-full price Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. It’s £24.99 on PlayStation 3 and £14.99 on PC, because that’s the way things work these days.

Speaking of Xbox 360-exclusives, the long time coming Splinter Cell: Conviction appears to have been worth the wait with plenty of 8/10s dished out. Even the usually hard to please EDGE magazine enjoyed it.

Unless you like men with odd shaped balls, there’s nothing out for Wii owners to get excited about – Rugby League 3 is the only game to be released on Nintendo’s popular white block this week.

Next week: Dead to Rights Retribution, Monster Hunter Tri, Nier, Samurai Shodown Sen and LittleBigPlanet Game Of The Year Edition.

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