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This Week’s Games

A fan of Lost? Then you might be interested in Just Cause 2 (if you weren’t already) – apparently there’s an island that pays homage to the Lost island, complete with a hatch and a smoke monster. I haven’t seen any 9s dished out for it yet, but there has been plenty of 8s. The same goes for Red Steel 2 – it’s a vast improvement over of the original, with a new graphic style and setting and better controls. NGamer Magazine said that the cut-scenes were very dated though. You can get it for a nice £29.73 from Amazon with the Motion Plus add-on.

Infinite Space should please those looking for a new DS game with a bit of depth and complexity behind it. The same probably can’t be said for SpongeBob Boating Bash (out on Wii and DS today) and movie tie-in How to Train Your Dragon. Another licensed game hitting stores this week is Prison Break: The Conspiracy. I’m almost done writing our review. In short: it’s solidly put together, but not very original. It also contains loads of stealth sections that require patience, so it might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver should do well in the charts, and people can’t moan that there’s nothing new in this installment of Nintendo’s cash miltank (see what I did there?) as it comes with a Pokewalker LCD handheld so you can take your ‘mon on the move.

Sega’s Resonance of Fate and Tecmo Koei’s Last Rebellion both sound like the type of thing that are bound for curiosity. They’re both RPGs of the angst ridden teenager kind – Resonance of Fate is out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 while Last Rebellion is a PlayStation 3-exclusive.

Next week: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Dead or Alive: Paradise, Lips: I love the 80s and Supreme Commander 2.

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