Who the flip is Alice?

This Week’s Games

Expect a load of DS titles to re-enter the chart next week due to the super-sized Nintendo DSi XL hitting stores tomorrow. There are only two new DS games released this week to coincide with it though – the apparently better than you might expect Alice in Wonderland (also out on Wii) and Ubisoft’s Imagine: Journalist, as mocked on UK Resistance.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the only thing arriving on consoles. GameRankings is currently showing an 89% average review score, so yeah, it’s good. I’d imagine that the single player isn’t as good as Call of Duty: MW2 but the multi-player mode has a lot more stuff to get stuck into.

Finally, get your phoenix downs ready for Tuesday 9th as that’s when Final Fantasy XIII is out. The usually reliable PSM3 Magazine only gave it 70% while GamesMaster magazine scored it 76%. These aren’t the kind of scores I was expecting, to be honest.

Next week: Moto GP 09/10, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Sonic Classic Collection and Yakuza 3.

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