Monthly Archives: March 2010

Stick ‘Em Up, Slot ‘Em In

A couple of games have been distracting me from finishing the awesomely excellent Mass Effect 2 recently. The first is Xbox Live Indie Game Stick ‘Em Up from the UK-based indie developers Whatever Games. It’s a fun little run and gunner with...
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Go Go, Rico!

UK Charts Nintendo’s battling monsters show no sign of loosing popularity – Pokemon: Soul Silver goes in at #2 this week with Pokemon: Heart Gold at #4. I would have placed money on it being the other way around. Square-Enix’s Just Cause...
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Sony loses soul

Sony published From Software’s Demon’s Souls in Japan where it managed to rake in plenty of Yen. However, they didn’t see the point publishing such a niche title worldwide and passed the buck to Atlus for the US release. Backed with a...
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