Oh, Canada!

UK Charts

It’s a good week for Sega – despite mixed reviews Alien Vs Predator has managed to shove Bioshock 2 off the top of the chart after just one week. Rebellion also claim that it’s the fastest selling game of the year so far, beating even Bioshock 2. Sega’s Vancouver 2010 tie-in is in at #11 this week too, which likewise, has been getting some negative reviews.

There can’t be many Van Halen fans in the UK – Guitar Hero: Van Halen has failed to enter the top 40. The best it can do is #17 in the Xbox 360 chart.

Dante’s Inferno has fallen like a sinner dropping into hell this week, going from #9 to #22. The very similar Darksiders is back on the rise though, up from #32 to #19. And after appearing at #14 last week due to “super bowl fever”, Madden NFL 10 has fallen from #14 to #39.

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