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UK Charts

If you’ll excuse the rubbish pun, it shouldn’t be a shock to discover that Bioshock 2 is top of the top 40 chart this week. What is slightly shocking though is that Bayonetta has gone all the way back up from #36 to #10 thanks to some heavy price cuts – both Zavvi and Shopto.net are selling it for £17.95 at the moment.

Madden NFL 10 is back at a rather high #14 too. Anybody know why? I’m assuming it as been heavily reduced somewhere. I can guess though why Up is back at #35 – its released on DVD and Blu Ray this week.

In the single formats Phantasy Star Zero goes in at #35 in the DS chart, Monkey Ball: Step and Roll at #19 in the Wii chart while Star Ocean: The Last Hope makes a splash at #11 in the PlayStation 3 chart.

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