New Kids on The Block

I don’t think I ever finished Alien Hominid and I only got round to downloading Castle Crashers about two months ago, but that doesn’t stop me from being excited about the announcement of The Behemoth’s third Xbox Live Arcade game – Battleblock Theater.

Alien Hominid was a side scrolling shoot’em up; Castle Crashers was a scrolling beat’em up. This looks more like a platformer, but not in the traditional sense – the video shows more than one character on the screen at once and you can use items to progress. During the clip one of the characters pulls a fan out and uses it to blow the other player up to a higher level.

The plot is pleasingly daft too – you find yourself washed up on an island where countless people have been made prisoners and forced to star in a sinister play. There’s something about a giant evil cat, a hat and a green gem too.

More information is going up on The Behemoth’s website over the next few days, so you know where to go if you want any of this to make any sense.

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