Code hard cash


A few months back gaming sites were suggesting that if anybody was planning to make and release a game on the Xbox Live Indie channel in order to make a bit of cash, they would be better off focusing their talents elsewhere. Not many people were downloading them and Microsoft’s support was poor, it was claimed.

Since then Microsoft have added a new pricing scheme and also included avatar support and a rating system. GamerBytes have done some in-depth research with the programmers themselves, and with these changes now firmly in place they report that there is now plenty of moolah to be made.

The best selling game of 2009 was I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES 1NIT!!!1, which I had a few words to say about back in September. So far it has been downloaded 160,000 times and cashed in around $112,000 (£69,366). For a game coded in somebody’s bedroom, that isn’t bad going. Avatar Drop and RC-AirSim were the second and third best sellers in 2009, netting their creators $81,900 (£50,714) and $129,000 (£79,880) respectively.

You can read their full, and rather interesting, report here .

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