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This Week’s Games

Not many reviews of Capcom’s Dark Void are up on the internet yet, so the review scores on GameRankings are incredibly sporadic – the PlayStation 3 version is currently at 80%, the Xbox 360 version at 62.5% and the PC version at 53%. If you’re thinking of buying it, it would probably be best to wait until a few more reviews roll in.

After appearing on DS the budget priced Love Is In Bloom: The Flower Shop Garden is out on Wii this week. When the one of the special features is “Unique Wii Remote controls with gameplay specifically designed to take advantage of the extra level of control,” you know that you’re looking at one turd of a game.

Activision’s Winter Sports 2010: The Great Tournament and Sega’s Vancouver 2010: The Official Videogame Of The Olympic Winter Games go head to head this week too. I can’t find any reviews of either but you should know what to expect – plenty of button bashing and analogue stick waggling.

Next week: It looks like there’s just one game out – Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero on Wii

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