And the last releases of 2009 are…

This Week’s Games


A lot of people will be doing their Christmas shopping this weekend, so releasing a new game the week before Christmas isn’t an entirely mad thing to do. Only Nintendo and Sony are brave enough to do this though, with just two new releases out this week – Buzz! Quiz World on PSP and Nintendo Presents: Crossword Collection on DS. They’re both probably alright, if quizzes and crosswords “float” your “boat”.

If not, then you should get out into town and try to bag yourself a bargain – Game and GameStation have pre-owned stuff for as little as 98p (I picked up NASCAR 08 on PlayStation 3 for a friend) while Blockbusters, PC World and have started their sales too. If you can’t stand the crowds – and I don’t blame you, people can be twats at Christmas – then there’s some good stuff to be had online such as Brutal Legend at for £17.99 while Zavvi has Borderlands and Operation Flashpoint 2 for £17.95 a pop.

Next week: Nothing, because it’s Christmas Day, but 8th January sees Bayonetta, the apparently very Zelda-like Darksiders and Winter Games 2010 hitting shelves.

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