At least it’s not Mr. Pants

SonicRacingSega have been drip-feeding us the character roster for Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing for a long time now, slowly confirming the likes of Alex Kidd, Billy Hatcher and Shenmue’s Ryo. It looks like they’ve saved the best for last – Banjo & Kazooie will be playable in the Xbox 360 version, according to box art posted on

If that’s to go by then the full title is now a rather long winded Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing with Banjo-Kazooie. It’s still not known if the PlayStation 3 or Wii versions will have extra characters, but there’s certainly plenty of possibilities. The PlayStation 3 could potentially feature Sackboy, Rachet & Clank or Jak & Dexter while Nintendo’s B-listers like Kirby, Starfox or the L-shaped block from Tetris could star in the Wii version. Or maybe even Mario. But I doubt that.

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