Prime Time


Activision’s last two Transformers games were nothing more than kiddy crap, but apparently even Activision themselves were surprised at how well they sold. It’s no surprise, really – any game with giant robots in is bound to appeal to more people than, say, Kung Fu Panda or Shrek.

The new issue of GameInformer suggests that Activison are going to start taking the Transformers universe seriously, with the announcement of Transformers: The War for Cyberton. It’s in development by High Moon Studios (who did Darkwatch and The Bourne Conspiracy) and is a dark looking third-person romp likened to Gears of War.

Character design looks like a combination of the new movie designs and the classic 80s animated look. Interestingly, the magazine says that each robot will have their own ‘transforming noise’ which will be real life heavy machinery noises played through an amp. Each Transformer has their own skills which can be upgraded, rather like Modern Warfare 2’s perk system. And like the previous Transfomers games, it can be played from either Autobot or Decepticon perspectives.

You’ll have to do with grainy magazine scans, like the ones on, until Activision makes the announcement official.

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