The Avatar Is The Star

Kotaku have somehow got hold of Microsoft’s “Avatar Guidelines” – a set of rules for how the Avatars can be used in marketing material. Obviously it’s nothing for us gamers to worry about – it’ll be the marketing men and graphic designers that get a slap on the wrist for breaking the following:

– When Avatars are used in a group of three or more, at least one Avatar must be female.
– When Avatars are used in a group of three or more, consider including different ethnicities.
– When Avatars are used in groups of three or more, one of them should be facing forward and looking outward.
– Avatars must be playful and mischievous, not devious or inappropriate.
– Do not show Avatars with closed or blinking eyes.
– Do not show Avatars using any hand or body gestures other than those provided.
– Do not use an Avatar as the main message of a marketing piece.
– Do not show Avatars interacting with the Xbox 360 Sphere.

They should add an extra rule – never say that Microsoft has blatantly copied an idea Nintendo came up with first.

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