Lights, Camera, Action

Microsoft are currently showing off Natal – the motion tracking camera hoped to extend the life of the Xbox 360 – to UK developers and publishers to spur on more support. It would seem though that they haven’t picked the most tight-lipped people to show it to, with launch details being reported back to MCV.

In short: it’ll be out November 2010, cost under £50 and 14 games are being readied for launch. Expecting a huge demand, Microsoft will be producing over 5 million Natal units for launch. Not just stand alone units, but also units build into new Xbox 360 consoles.

Two Natal games have been revealed so far – Fable III and Milo from Lionhead. I’m guessing that Rare are working on something too. A Wii Play style compilation featuring avatars, perhaps?

Matt Gander

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