Bring on the Funk. Please


Sega recently created a poll to see what classic Mega Drive game gamers wanted to see on Xbox Live Arcade. ToeJam & Earl was a clear winner, but if you’re expecting it to pop up in a few months time then think again.

See, Sega doesn’t own the rights to the characters – they’re own by Greg Johnson, who designed the two brightly hued dudes. This has also put a spanner in the works for ToeJam & Earl staring in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. Sega wanted to include them but according to an interview on Joystiq, Johnson was offered “very little money” for the rights. There is a chance though that they still may appear in DLC after the game has been released.

The interview doesn’t end there – Johnson reveals that he pitched a new ToeJam & Earl game for DS to publishers around two years ago but failed to find interest. It was intended to be a remake of the first Mega Drive adventure, with new rhythm action sequences where you could earn extra lives. “If you know any private investors with a pile of money that want to fund some game development, do send ’em my way,” said Johnson.

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