UK Charts

Three of the games in the top 5 are now football related thanks to Sega’s Football Manager 2010 shooting straight into #1. FIFA 10 remains at #3 while Pro Evo 2010 skids from #1 to #5. The budget priced Wii Fit Plus is the second biggest seller of last week, going in at #2. Grand Theft Auto Episodes crashes in at #6 while Tekken 6 punches in at #8. Are you loving these puns? I thought not.

The price tag for DJ Hero looks like it’s something of an issue after all – it only makes it to #20 in the chart. HMV were charging a painful £99.99 for this at the weekend, whereas Sainsburys had it at a fairer £79.99.

Style Boutique – which I wasn’t aware was published by Nintendo until today – is in at #37. Brutal Legend is only one position behind it. It’s sad to see that it’ll probably be out of the chart by next week unless Game or somewhere drops it to £24.99 or so.

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