Radio Won

It’s gaming week on Radio One this week, and as well as playing sound effects and speech samples from Mario, Metal Gear Solid and Tekken during music there has been various videogame related features. And not all of them have been about the launch of DJ Hero, would you believe.

Up on the Get Your Game On page at the moment there’s footage of Alex Simwise and Greg James wasting their cash at the Namco Wonderpark arcade in London, a sound clip of Kano and Sway playing Forza 3 and Rampage’s guide to family gaming.

There’s also a free game to play – Fastest Time Wins. It’s a Mario Kart style racer, only minus the weapons. And fun, it would seem. There is one nice idea though – if you choose to play as one of the DJs at the same time they’re on air you’ll get a speed boost.

Widespread videogame coverage like this can only be good for the UK gaming industry, even if it is just for one week. In related and somewhat more negative news, Gordon Brown was critised today by The Conservative Party for “failing to care” that the UK development scene is falling behind other nations in terms of economic generation.

I don’t know what that means, but it sounds rather important.

Matt Gander

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