Here Be Dragons

UK Charts

There’s oodles of new releases in the top 40 this week with the highest being Codemaster’s Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising at #2. Scribblenauts is at #12 (huzzah!), the turgid Star Wars: Clone Wars – Republic Heroes at #15 (boo!) and the oddly named Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days at #17.

Up is doing much better than The Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs game did, currently at #26. Toy Story Mania has been out for a few weeks but is now in at #37 (the original film has been re-released in 3D, if you’re wondering) while presumably pap DS title Combat of Giants: Dragons goes in at #38.

Bizarrely, Mario Strikers: Charged Football is back in at #20. I’m guessing it has been cut to £9.99 or similar somewhere. There’s also a remarkable amount of games falling quicker than you’d expect – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is down from #13 to #29, WET has gone from #14 to #28 and IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey swoops from #18 to #40.

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