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UK Charts

I think EA might have finally realised that decent games sell better than shit ones – review scores have been glowing for FIFA 10 this year, which have seemingly helped it become the second fastest selling game in the UK so far. True, even if it was on the mediocre side it still would have sold well. But as well as it has done? That’s questionable.

So obviously that’s #1 this week, kicking Halo 3: ODST off the top. Bungie’s blaster now sits at #3 under Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box which has risen to #2. MySims Agents is now in the top 10, up from #16 to #7, while WET drops from #9 to #14.

Gran Turismo on PSP is the next highest entry behind FIFA 10, skidding in at #12. That’s followed by Ninja Gaiden: Sigma 2 at a wobbly #26 (wobble wobble wobble) and then Risen at #29. It’s at #9 in the Xbox 360 chart, which is pretty amazing seeing it has almost come out of nowhere. And how average the review scores have been.

If Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs suddenly appears in the top 40 next week it’ll be because it’s now half price at Tesco – £12.40 on the three main formats, £9.50 on DS and £8.90 on PSP. Review scores have been around the 6/10 mark if you’re curious.

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